Misappropriation of Jesus’ Payment

   October 31, 2017 by Dale

John 19:30 says that Jesus paid a ransom (cf., Mk. 10:45) to propitiate the God of heaven (1John 4:10) in order that all men may be brought safely home to heaven (cf., ?). Right? And that payment was paid in full, right? Are we absolutely sure that the text actually says that? Or did someone empty Jesus’ bank account for an item that He never intended to buy Himself?

That is the current, most popular view of John 19:30, the one considered orthodox by the noted leaders within Christendom. As a result, no one is debating the meaning of this vital passage of Scripture. Well, maybe we should be debating it nonetheless because it should be noticed by all who study it that it absolutely does not say what everyone is saying that it says. The verse says,

“When Jesus, therefore, had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is finished.’ And He bowed His head, and gave up His spirit.”

When did the Ethiopian Eunuch become a bona fide “Believer”?

   August 07, 2017 by Dale

Now before we start, I must direct the reader to the article on the use in the Scriptures of the terms believer and unbeliever entitled Identity Problems in the Bible. It is that understanding that I mean to perpetuate here in the use of the term believer.

Because I am trying to tweak our old way of thinking, I must use the old paradigm to set the stage for our discussion. In our old way of thinking, we were taught that at the moment a person believed in God in the OT (and most people were taught to add to this a belief in God’s coming Messiah as well) or in Jesus in the NT, he was saved and guaranteed a place in heaven. So my question is simple: “At what point did the Ethiopian Eunuch, as far as we know from the information given to us in the Scriptures, become a believer, one that would have been saved, using the old paradigm’s terminology, and guaranteed a place in heaven?” If you’re not familiar with Acts 8:26-40, go back and meditate on it. 

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