Identity Problems in the Bible

   October 16, 2016 by Dale

We’ve mostly divided the world into two categories: believers and unbelievers. The believers are those who have trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior (and some add to that the concept of lordship: Jesus must be believed in as Lord as well as Savior). Those who haven’t believed in Jesus as Savior (and Lord) are the eternally lost and, consequently, are hell bound. The basic controlling premise is that believing in Jesus is the only way to heaven and the only escape from hell. Hence, the believers are the eternally safe, good guys, and the unbelievers are the eternally condemned, bad guys. 

But the fact is the Bible never presents the issue in these terms. The Bible is constantly urging believers to continue to believe and unbelievers to begin to believe. There are unbelieving believers in the Bible as well as believing unbelievers. The cookie cutter presentation of believers and unbelievers is simply not a Biblical concept. It is messier than that, sort of like the kitchen at breakfast time on Mother’s Day!

Hungering and Thirsting after . . .

   October 11, 2016 by Dale

(These brief thoughts are adaptions of the information that has been given in the four volume series on understanding the Bible: The Prodigal Paradigm, Acceptable to God without being Saved?, The Grand Spiritual Assumption, and Freedom through the Cross)

To my knowledge the small town in Alabama where I grew up didn’t have any all-you-could-eat buffets. I didn’t come across such a thing until I was dating the gal who later became my wife. Maybe her folks thought that was the only way to fill me up. I have been known to eat ten pieces of fried chicken at a single buffet (which was sorta like Superman and the tall building thing that he was known for). 

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