About this Blog

Theology is a conversation in process.

Dallas Willard once said that as Christians we should “believe our doubts, and doubt our beliefs.” In an age where we equate strong faith with psychological certainty this doubting of beliefs and believing our doubts seems sorely lacking.

This blog is about the ongoing conversation of theological discovery that comes from admitting that we may be wrong in the theological conclusions we have been taught or presently hold dear. To be truly open to learning and growing in understanding of truth one must come to the table with genuine and authentic openness to the possibility of being wrong. This is how the conversation and pursuit of truth is nurtured and facilitated. It is not the hope of this blog to question orthodoxy simply to stir the pot for the sake of stirring the pot. We are questioning orthodoxy to test the teachings of the church to see whether they are true. And we hope that we do it in the spirit of the Bereans of Acts 17. In the case where those teachings fail the test, it is our hope to offer alternative perspectives that likewise can be tested and can be found supported by the Scriptures alone. We invite you to join the conversation.





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