Dale Taliaferro


Dale is a Texas-born but Alabama-bred boy! After his parents divorced, he and his brother went to live with an aunt and uncle. That household would never have been confused with the Ozzie and Harriet Show! After High School he went to the University of Alabama where he graduated in 1970. Roll Tide! Dale and his wife, Waunee, married in college before his senior year. Ever since college the road of life has been anything but conventional … some may say it was against the grain, but never against the Tide! Did I say Roll Tide yet? Right out of college Dale and Waunee went on Cru Staff (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) when all those who knew them thought they were joining a cult. After a few years on Cru staff, formal seminary training was the decision, and those on staff and others thought they had lost their minds. Why give up a very fruitful ministry to go study? But God was leading … so off they went. After three years they rejoined Cru and served another four years, but seminary training and more matriculating lay ahead in doctoral studies. This too was met with little support. But upon entering seminary again, he found a ministry home with a research/think tank called Probe Ministries, becoming the director of their businessmen’s discipleship program. Probe’s goal is to challenge the various world views held around the world. At the end of his seminary work, Dale did his dissertation on the controversial subject of Christian Liberty … answering the questions, "What can the Christian do? Can he smoke, drink, or chew, or go with girls that do?" Dale believes that this continues to be a vastly misunderstood topic. To say that his research was met with opposition would be an understatement. But Dale was confident that the church needed liberty at a time when legalism was suffocating it.

After obtaining a doctorate and then pastoring a church in Texas for seven years, a new ministry was born: Equipped for Life Ministries. Raising support, starting from scratch, and everything else that goes with starting a new ministry was anything but easy but the prospect of sharing with others how God had changed their lives was a dream not to be ignored. This is the main focus of Equipped for Life Ministries to this day. One benefit of this new ministry is the time God provides to study the word. One benefit of that, along with the gifts and personality He gave Dale, is that it leads to questioning things God would not allow him to ignore any longer. And once the blinders began to come off … the light began to shine and pieces of the puzzle began coming together in ways unimaginable. Dale is open to question all things, but the governing principle of his courageous questioning is "What does the text say?" Having gone against the grain most of his life, (because God led in that direction!) this blog seems to fit him well. Join him and Curtis as they discuss important, spiritual issues from the text of Scripture. May God bless these discussions and may they result in His glory alone as they meet each person’s individual needs for walking ever more closely with the God of the Scriptures.


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