Okay … I’m coming out: I am a Universalist … well, sorta!

   July 08, 2014 by Curtis

I hope the title of this blog got your attention. I know it will certainly turn some heads at the church I pastor, but hopefully everyone gets the tongue and cheek coupled with a serious matter!  In my world there has been much talk floating around (you know how talk “floats” in our circles) and concern that I have become a Universalist. To properly discuss this issue, first of all, a good working definition is needed. Let’s use this simple definition to guide us:

Christian Universalism is the teaching that all human beings, regardless of their spiritual condition or the life that they had led while upon earth, will go to heaven when they die. Sometimes, this is also known as universal reconciliation. 

In response to the assumption that I am a Universalist, according to this definition, I whole-heartedly reply: No… at least not yet!  

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