A Hammer has a Claw

   July 15, 2015 by Dale

If the commonly accepted dogmas of theology are correct (and unquestionable), we ought to replace the R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) on the tombstones with H.N.C. (Had no Chance).

You see, it is common in orthodox Christian teaching to suggest, even though it would never be articulated in this way, that every person who comes into the world is born in a coffin, showing no signs of spiritual life. And since we go out of this world in a coffin as well, in essence many go from coffin to coffin without any life or any chance of life.

Even if a person shows some signs of life, none of those signs are approved of by the vanguards and self appointed protectors of the Christian faith. You see the signs of life, that they approve of, must be present at the supposed beginning of faith, and they must also be persevering up to the end of his life on earth when he goes into his final coffin. Since none of these overseers are present with every person during their earthly existence, they simply have no way to be certain that anyone else has trusted in God or in Jesus Christ, His only Son.

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