No one likes a Flipper!

   April 18, 2017 by Dale

I’m like a lot of avid sports fans. I can tend to be a little on the fanatical side of enthusiastic. My love is college football.

I love the fall because it is the time for head to head competition. I love the spring because it is the time for the first glimpse of what my team will be like in the fall. I definitely hate the summer though because there is nothing happening that is football related unless you want to follow college recruiting. But that, I’m told from very reliable sources can cause insanity.

The root cause of temporary insanity, depression, frustration, anger, high blood pressure, and general overall stress is the “flipper!” 

The flipper is the prized football player who flips from my team to another team. And the heavens above must be called in for protection if a player flips to my biggest rival’s team! Flipping side

What if forgiveness operates in this life alone?

   April 18, 2017 by Dale

No one wants real accountability. I sure understand that. In fact, I’m one of those who don’t want it. And I suspect there are a lot of folks out there just like I am.

Most of us want the demands of accountability to work something like this: after we have acted in an inappropriate manner toward someone, we want to think that if we just say, “I’m sorry,” that our regret should cover all of the aspects of our own responsibility.

As a result, we should not have any other requirements of accountability placed upon us. We are “good-to-go,” so to speak. All must be forgiven. Fellowship should be restored. No further consequences ought to come upon us.

After all, our inappropriate response was just a passing thing. It was just a blip on the radar screen of life. We didn’t really mean it. And we certainly can’t see why anything more should be made of it.

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