Preaching Theology Rather than the Bible

   January 23, 2018 by Dale

In answering the question, “How were people saved in the Old Testament,” a pastor in Dallas did a really good job of explaining the traditional, orthodox, evangelical view of the subject. It was what I was taught in seminary, what I believed for 35 years of ministry, and what I have since begun to seriously question. His handling of the issue illustrates most of my concerns.

If I had only one criticism to give of his explanation, it would be that almost all of what he said was based upon assumptions rather than the Biblical text. We won’t quibble about the minor statements that he makes that many would find questionable like his comment:

“Contrary to the lie of the enemy who told them, ‘You will be like a god if you do that (eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).’ They might become like “a god” with a small “g” but they would never become like God.”

Such a statement plainly contradicts Gen. 3:22.

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