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  This is the first book in a five volume series. This series must be read in the order that they are listed here because they build upon one another. The principles established in the first one will be taken for granted in all of the others. And the principles developed in the second book will be required to understand the argument in the third and fourth books. This book demonstrates that the whole Bible is a record of God pursuing His children who seem to go astray more than they stay on the right path. Practically the whole Bible sets forth God’s overtures toward His creatures and specifically toward the chosen nation of Israel to bring them back into fellowship with Him. Seeing the stories of the Bible as an interaction between a heavenly Father and His prodigal sons will radically change the way the Bible is read and interpreted. When the New Testament begins, Jesus comes as God’s solution to the needs of His people. This book will require a radical alteration in our theology.
  This is the second book in this five volume series. It is really a follow up to and demonstration of the truthfulness of the theme of the Bible suggested in The Prodigal Paradigm. This book uses the apostle Paul’s inspired testimonies, recorded by Luke in the Book of Acts and by himself in Galatians and Philippians to prove that before Paul ever met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he was a righteous man, fully acceptable to God. As this is shown to be true, the vast difference between justification and salvation in the Bible is affirmed. This book, along with The Prodigal Paradigm, will definitely require a change in your perspective on the message of the Bible. They will be freeing as well as enlightening.
  This is the third book in the five volume series. The “incontrovertible facts” given in this book are based upon the word studies done in the first two books. This book demonstrates that the Biblical concept of salvation is not a heaven-and-hell issue at all. The salvation that the Bible describes is wholly earth bound. It is something given now to be used now in order to qualify for service in the Messiah’s coming Kingdom. This book covers most of the issues related to salvation: forgiveness, the (supposed) imputation of Jesus Christ’s righteousness, repentance, baptism, faith in Jesus, the establishment of Messiah’s kingdom, justification, and more. If you have trusted in Jesus to obtain the forgiveness of your sins, an un-shakable standing or status of righteousness before God, and a place in heaven, you will definitely want to read this book because none of those things is gained by faith in Jesus. This book will explain salvation Biblically and demonstrate how we have taken verses out of their context to construct a message of exclusivity for Christianity that the Bible does not condone.
  This is the fourth book in this five volume series. Many of the principles stated here are based upon the principles established in the first three volumes. Because the Biblical teaching on justification is quite removed from the perspective formulated by most systematic theologies, we are forced to conclude in this book that the cross of Jesus does not deal with matters related to life after death. But the cross does provide everything a person needs to have fellowship with God during his earthly life. But it was never intended to keep a person from hell or to guarantee him a place in heaven. Forgiveness is simply not related to heaven or hell in any way as one can readily affirm since there is no verse that relates forgiveness to obtaining heaven or a verse that says that a lack of forgiveness is a certain appointment to hell. Most students of God’s Word readily admit that the work of the cross is foreshadowed in the sacrificial system of the OT. But there is no verse connecting the forgiveness gained through the various sacrifices with an assurance of heaven. When we add to this the fact that Jesus never once offered a person forgiveness of sins based upon his belief in Him as the Messiah, we are confounded as to why such a formula was ever put together in the first place. The cross is God’s gracious provision for all men to free them to pursue God and to promise them success in that pursuit.
  This is a book about grace. It follows the life of Judas chronologically through the gospels and demonstrates that, because grace is indeed free and makes no demands upon the recipient, Judas was a saved individual. He is in heaven now even though he committed suicide after betraying the Lord Jesus. Such sins don’t nullify grace; they show the power of grace.
  Living through Crises is a simple, illustrative presentation of walking with God. It uses Jesus’ episode of walking on the water to illustrate the normal Christian experience that God has provided for every believer through Christ Jesus. The abundant Christian life that Jesus came to give believers is a miraculous life, unable to be grasped by man if he only thinks in his natural categories. Whatever a person is struggling with, the life that Jesus gives, the life to which the believer in Jesus has immediate access, can take him through his trial in a way that no human counsel could have accomplished. This book addresses the need of most Christians today.
  This book is a companion to the one above. It lists over 200 questions related to the principles set forth in the exposition offered in Living through Crises. These questions help the reader to understand the principles for living spiritually. The answers to the questions are also provided. This book helps the small group or the individual to properly understand the ramifications of the truths given in the main text so they can be applied more easily.



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